Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk Solution and 360° Platform

Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk Solution and 360° Platform are comprehensive technologies that execute all human operations, save on costs and improve customer service.

  • Human-Assisted Virtual Front Desk.
  • Manages Digital Operations.
  • Guest Experience App.

Aavgo is Transforming the Hospitality Experience

Ankit Panchal, CEO at 365 Hospitality, shares his extraordinary experience working with the Aavgo Virtual Front Desk & 360 Platform. “Aavgo has come up with a solution which has helped us out consistently,” Ankit Panchal said.

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Aavgo’s Guest Experience App for In-House Guests

Provide guests the comfort and convenience to use your amenities and services at their fingertips with our digital guest experience solution.

Digital Workflow with Staff Operations Platform

Save costs, increase efficiency and productivity of your staff. Get insights to your day to day hotel operations through in-depth reporting and analytics.

Panic Button Solution for Better Employee  Safety

Now you can protect your employees without putting a dent in your pocket. Checkout our low-cost panic button solution and have your staff feel safe and secure.